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The best sailing Youtube channels

sailing Youtube channels

Who says that only soccer or basketball are able to captivate millions of viewers and get them to spend hours without taking their eyes off the screen? There are many other sports disciplines that do not stop getting new followers every day around the world despite not being so famous, nor being lucky enough to have the publicity and audiovisual projection enjoyed by sports like baseball or basketball, and this is the case of sailing.

Sailing is one of the oldest maritime sports on record, which has not stopped renewing itself over the years and thanks to the emergence of streaming platforms like YouTube is getting to reach a new audience that is fascinated with the lifestyle of people who are dedicated to this sport and the landscapes that give us through their channels. And there is no better way to fall in love with a sport than watching what the sportsman sees, because it is the only real way to feel what they feel on top of their sailboats.

On the other hand, besides having the opportunity to contemplate a wide variety of spectacular landscapes from the living room of your home that will leave you with your mouth open, in these channels you will also find a pedagogical function regarding this sport with which you can learn basic concepts about sailing. Something really useful if we are thinking of buying our own sailboat and we want to have the basic knowledge to be able to sail the open sea for the first time.

For all this and because we believe that the sailing channels that are currently on YouTube are doing an exceptional job with this sport and with the thousands of viewers who every day see them and dream of being able to visit all those places in the world aboard their own sailboat, then we will make a selection of what we consider are the 10 best sailing channels on YouTube. We will explain who are the people who run each channel, how they started their journey through the world of sailing and what they show in each of their videos.

Let’s get started!

The best sailing Youtube channels

Sailing SV Delos

Accumulating over 790K followers on YouTube and with over 70,000 miles logged aboard their sailboat, Bryan Trautman and his three sailing buddies have been sharing their offshore adventures and teaching their viewers all sorts of things about the world of Sailing and their peculiar lifestyle since 2008.

Although, at the beginning Bryan only bought his sailboat for leisure outings with his wife Karin Syren, who is also currently part of the crew of the sailboat, over time he found that the idea of filming themselves while sailing to show the world what they saw was a really good one. And that doing so would not only help them defray the costs of such a lifestyle (quite high by all accounts), but would also allow millions of people around the world to fall in love with the sport and see from a more realistic perspective what sailing, with its pros and cons, was really like.

Sailing SV Delos is one of the most famous and original channels that exist about sailing today, with more than 200 videos uploaded, this channel and its four members show us their long ocean crossings in a close and realistic way, even showing their fans some of the most complicated situations in which they have been involved, which have come to put their lives at risk several times.

On the other hand, in their videos they will also give us all kinds of tips on the maintenance of a sailboat and teach us the basics to survive aboard a boat while being hundreds of miles away from home and with no one to ask for help within a radius of 100 miles. In essence, it’s a fun, educational channel with exceptional picture quality and editing. You will not be disappointed.

Free Range Living

In this channel we will meet Troy and Pascale, a nice couple who share their adventures aboard their yacht from one of the most hidden corners of the beautiful and wild Australia.

The channel currently has more than 130K followers being their minimalist lifestyle one of its main attractions and why thousands of people every day stop to watch them. And although it may seem ironic, since this couple owns nothing more and nothing less than a 30-foot yacht called Mirrol, both believe in the importance of re-educating society to get rid of all the superficial things they don’t need and learn to live with the basics.

They show a self-sufficient lifestyle aboard a yacht while showing us their adventures sailing in the most remote and paradisiacal places in Australia. If you want to fall in love with sailing and start appreciating the little things in life, don’t hesitate to visit this wonderful channel.

Sailing La Vagabonde

Sailing La Vagabonde is probably the most famous sailing channel out there today, boasting a whopping 1,75 million followers and with over 90,000 nautical miles traveled this channel run by Greek video bloggers Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu keeps gaining followers who fall in love with sailing and the lifestyle that this beautiful sport offers them.

This charming couple has been sharing their life aboard their sailing catamaran, named La Vagabonde, every week since 2014. Their spontaneity and the naturalness with which they show their viewers the way they divide the tasks on board their boat, make this channel a perfect place to clear your head while enjoying some beautiful seascapes and learning a lot of things about sailing and what living from it can offer you.

RAN Sailing

If you are looking for an honest entertainment channel that shows you the true reality of living your whole life aboard a sailboat, you can’t miss the RAN Sailing channel. This channel, which now has more than 130K followers around the world, tells the story of a lovely Swedish couple who five years ago decided to leave everything behind to start living a new life outside the conventional standards of living and set out on their journey on an aluminum Beason sailboat.

This brave couple is formed by Johan Hammarlund and Malin Lof, who now have a daughter who also lives with them aboard a new, bigger boat that they had to buy in order to have room for the three of them. They are really proud to be able to show the world their Swedish lifestyle while visiting a multitude of amazing destinations. Already on their route map are countries like Alaska and Seattle, as well as a wide variety of places in their homeland of Sweden.

Sailing the world as a family is possible and if you stop by to watch some of their videos you can see for yourself. It’s really exciting to see them sailing while living a normal family life. Feel free to visit their channel to check it out!

Sailing Uma

If you’re in the mood for a true story of self-improvement where fighting for your dreams always pays off in the end, feel free to stop by Dan Deckert and Kika Mevs’ sailing channel. This couple graduated in architectural design and even had their own business about it, however they soon realized that life in the office was not what they were looking for and that they needed to see the world aboard a boat and share with others their experiences.

They both came up with a plan in which they would first acquire a small boat with which they would learn all the basics about sailing, since they knew absolutely nothing, and then they would manage to buy a bigger boat that would allow them to sail around the world. And so it was, they started making small outings on a sailboat called UMA with which they started their trips and opened their YouTube channel that now accumulates more than 400K followers.

Now this enterprising couple can boast of having one of the most influential sailing channels in the world and of having a dream boat with which to travel around the world while sharing their adventures to millions of viewers every week. Dreams can come true and watching this couple sail you can feel it. If you are having a bad day and need to watch something to clear your mind, don’t hesitate to enter their channel and watch some of their videos. They are wonderful.

Tula’s Endless Summer

Are you a sea and animal lover and have always dreamed of being able to travel around the world while enjoying the company of your adorable pet? Then you can’t miss Billy Swezey and Sierra Groth’s channel surfing with their beloved dog Jetty.

Bill describes himself as a “fish out of water” and it was very clear to him that his life would be linked to the sea, an idea he began to shape in 2013 when he decided to take the plunge and buy an old boat from a New York boatyard. The boat needed multiple repairs but that didn’t stop him from moving forward with his dream, a dream that finally took shape when he met the lovely Sierra in Florida. She was also in love with the sea and when he proposed his plan to her, she didn’t hesitate.

They both embarked on the great adventure of living aboard a boat accompanied by their faithful pet Jetty. Aboard their boat, called Tula, which gives its name to the Youtube channel, the couple shows us that family life aboard a boat is also possible and that it really has many advantages. In their channel they have already accumulated more than 175K followers with their sailing videos in which we have already been able to see how they visit idyllic destinations such as the Caribbean or the Bahamas.

In short, this channel is one of those little corners of the internet where you can always go to feel better thanks to the joy and positivity that these two adventurers and their friendly dog give off. Their plans seem to have no end and when the sea is your home, the possibilities are endless. Don’t you think?

Don’t hesitate to visit their channel to enjoy their great adventure with them!

Whitespot Pirates

If you think that sailing is only a sport for men, you should take a look at the videos shared by Nike Steiger on her channel Whitespot Pirates. For the past six years, this young woman has been inspiring millions of women around the world to not be afraid to follow their dreams, as she shows them some of the most amazing places in the world aboard her tiny aluminum boat, barely 30 feet long.

The channel has been so successful that it has been awarded both for its magnificent pedagogical function for the sport of sailing, as well as for its feminist message full of strength and hope for all young women who wish to see the world in their own way and without fear of being rejected by a traditional society.

In the channel we will meet a strong woman who decided to buy an old abandoned boat in Panama to live her dream. Nike restored the boat and started filming herself doing solo outings that she later shared with the world. Of course, if there’s a sailing channel capable of inspiring women all over the world to be fearless and to fight for what they dream of, it’s this one. Nike Steiger is a true queen of sailing and of the feminine values that we so desperately need.

Sailing Doodles

The story told by this channel is one of those that will leave you thinking for the rest of the day. The main protagonist of this very famous YouTube sailing channel, Bobby White, suffered a stroke when he was only 38 years old. His life was everything a man of his age would qualify as a success, as he was a well-known corporate pilot and was dedicated to transporting all kinds of personalities around the world. However, fate had other plans for Bobby, causing him to rethink everything he had done with his life up to that point.

His near-death experience made him look at life differently, realizing that no job, no matter how lucrative, would bring him true happiness, so he decided to go out in search of it and create a new life aboard his beautiful 37-foot C&C sailboat. So Bobby set out with his partner Laura and their two dogs on a wonderful journey that took them from his native Texas to the Caribbean paradise.

Bobby decided that the best way to make others understand the importance of living the life you really want and in a much more relaxed way than what it usually is when we live in a city, was documenting each of his trips. And that’s how their channel Sailing Doodles was founded, where we will learn the mysteries of sailing while being entertained by the very different life of this couple and their two adorable pets.

Gone with the Wynns

Jason and Nikki Wynn, a couple of perpetual travelers who decided to put aside their motorhome routes to start documenting their outings aboard their sailboat. This young American couple made the decision to make a radical change in their lives very early, at the age of 28, with the goal of sharing their passion for sailing and the sea with the entire planet. This dream became a reality when they created their sailing channel Gone with the Wynns, which today has accumulated more than 510K followers around the world.

He was a photographer and she was a makeup artist and life was going great in Dallas, to lie, but they felt they needed something more and that their lives were empty despite all the wealth they had managed to accumulate. So they decided to embark on their adventure and bought a fuel-efficient and very environmentally friendly RV, as respect for the environment and climate change awareness is also one of the main messages of their canal.

It is a channel full of incredible landscapes that will make you disconnect for a few minutes from all the chaos of your day to day life and that will make you want to run out and buy a sailboat to see what they are seeing. Don’t hesitate to visit them!

MJ Sailing

This channel tells the story of a happy married couple who suddenly felt that their life had become boring, but instead of sitting on their couch resigned to watching the years go by and trying to join their local gym to do pilates, they decided to take a big gamble by selling all their possessions to buy a sailboat and sail around the world.

Now that risky decision has paid off, with a channel with more than 170K followers and hundreds of videos with thousands of views showing us how wonderful life can be if we decide to bet on it. This lovely couple is truly a source of inspiration!


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