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Best marine battery for electric trolling motor

Best marine battery for electric trolling motor

Trolling motor batteries are specifically designed batteries for use with boat trolling motors. Their main function is to provide trolling boats with more electricity as they slowly navigate different fishing zones. Trolling motor batteries are sometimes confused with starting batteries used for ignition. Marine batteries require that you first start the engine, and once the motor has enough power to sustain itself and the devices connected to then this battery type can pick up. Here is an overview of the top factors to consider and our top picks.

Types of marine batteries

Several types of marine batteries are designed to power the boat’s motor. The most common ones include:

Deep Cycle Batteries/ Dual Purpose Batteries

They are the best marine battery for electric trolling motor with consistent energy supply. Deep cycle batteries are unique, unlike other products found in the same industry. They work efficiently to keep the engine running for a lasting timeframe.

Deep cycle batteries are unique because their stability in energy provision is consistent. So, you are guaranteed an exceptional fishing experience while trolling for motor in the waters.

It’s worth noting that a dual-purpose battery is quite powerful and can easily start the boat’s engine and still turn it over. Besides that, it can be used to supply your trolling motor with consistent energy efficiently.

You can choose either battery, but if you want to experience the best of each world, then choose a dual-purpose battery. Meanwhile, if durability and a lasting life cycle are important to you, a deep cycle battery will cater to your needs.

Lithium Marine Batteries

They are superior battery alternatives since they have better profiles than AGM and lead-acid wet cell batteries. Lithium batteries stand out because they have deep cycles and longer life spans. Besides that, they consistently maintain power without the need for maintenance.

These batteries have faster charge times, which helps ensure that you can have an amazing marine time anytime. Besides, they offer a high-quality energy supply even though they are lightweight in nature. I consider purchasing a lithium battery, then you are guaranteed of:

  • Safety due to the battery’s non-hazardous design
  • Temperature resistance
  • Long-lasting shelf life
  • Constant power supply

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and Lead Wet Cell

When choosing the best marine motor for electric trolling motor, AGM is usually more popular than Lead Wet Cell batteries. However, the latter remains one of the most used batteries to troll motors.

Lead acid wet cell stands out since it’s affordable and offers value for money. Besides that, it has design features that make it possible to handle every day trolling activities. But some people might easily avoid it due to the shorter life cycle that often lasts between 2 and 3 years. Additionally, this battery type needs some maintenance.

AGM batteries, unlike lead-acid batteries, are fully sealed. Their seal-proof nature makes them quite expensive. However, they don’t need any maintenance, so they offer value for money.

So, what’s the best marine battery for trolling motor? The truth is that it all depends on your preferences, needs, and budgets. Choose a battery that you think suits you, including your marine life.

Factors to consider when selecting a trolling motor battery

There are many components that make choosing the best marine battery for trolling motor quite challenging. However, knowing these factors beforehand can help you make the best choice, especially when choosing a battery that suits your needs and meets your budget. The most important factors to consider when buying a trolling motor vehicle include:

Battery Type

As stated above, there are multiple battery types, but the primary ones include the 12V deep cycle and AGM batteries. However, lithium batteries are also becoming quickly popular in the recent past due to:

  • Lightweight nature: they are extremely light than the traditional batteries, i.e., almost 70% light
  • 100% discharge is important in ensuring that you have a constant energy supply regardless of the battery’s discharge level.
  • Consistent power: many activities happen while fishing, including sudden speed fluctuations, cranking torque, and consistency in supply. Well, lithium batteries now offer all these.

Amperage Power

For understanding, you can equate a battery’s amperage-hour rating to that of a gas tank. Take note that a battery’s amp-hour is crucial in determining the longevity of use. So, the higher the amp-hour time, the longer the battery will last.

That’s why a battery with 150-Ah will last longer than its counterpart with 100-Ah. When choosing a battery for marine trolling motor, ensure that it has at least 100 Ah. This is important in ensuring that you stay in water for as long as possible. If you are going for longer expeditions, get a higher AH battery.

Note: when choosing the Amp-Hour battery rating, ensure that you also consider the group size rating and voltage. Of course, the standard voltage in this scenario consists of 12V. But if you have a battery of group size 24, then the amp-hour rating should be between 70-85. Meanwhile, a Group Size 31 will need an amp-hour rating to deliver the best results.


The standard voltage, especially for deep cycle batteries, is 12 volts. However, it’s advisable that you always check your power system before heading outdoors to determine if you should power up or not.

Note: when it comes to voltage, some subsystems may need 24 V or sometimes 36V. But for trolling motorboats, 12 V is the best.

Best marine battery for electric trolling motor

So, you are looking for a high-quality battery to power your trolling motors? Well, here is a review of our top picks and features that make them stand out.

1. VMAXTANKS SLR125 – Deep Cycle Battery


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amp-Hour: 125 Ah
  • Weight: 75 pounds
  • Reserve Capacity: 260 minutes

Vmax Deep Cycle is the best marine battery for trolling motors with lasting reserve capacity. Its tremendous storage capacity and Amp-hours ensure that you have the best marine experience.

It’s ideal for use as a standalone battery for motor trolling in an electric-only lake. The battery can effectively run a wide range of trolling motors at full speed for over three hours. No dangerous fumes are eliminated since SLR-125 is made with almost 99% recombination function. This heavy-duty battery comes with customized military-grade plates and a carrying strap for durability and ease of use.

This battery has a lasting lifetime. You can get more than ten years of life if you utilize it in float mode. Overall, it offers value for money by being maintenance-free and spill-proof.

2. Bass Pro Shops AGM X-900 Pro-Series Marine Battery


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Group size: 24, 27, and 31
  • Weight: 45, 60, and 65 pounds
  • Reserve Capacity: 160, 195, and 220 minutes

AGM X-900 is a lightweight, high-capacity marine battery designed for dual-purpose use. It’s the best marine battery for an electric trolling motor that guarantees users reliability—the combination of performance, power, and lasting battery life. AGM X-900 is ideal for starting the motorboat as well as deep-cycle use. So, there’s no need to load up the boat’s batteries since this one can handle the two modes.

There are three group sizes of these batteries—the smaller the size, the lighter the battery, and the least the reserve capacity. The best thing about this product’s reserve capacity is that it has been rigorously tested under various conditions to ensure that the battery can effectively handle trolling motor operations.

Regardless of the battery size you opt for; you can be guaranteed lasting each. The cells are usually made with a premium lead that can hold power for more than a year without a recharge. Understand that the sealed AGM cells are also leakproof and shock-resistant.

3. Banshee Sealed AGM BCI 27 Deep Cycle Marine Trolling Motor Battery


  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Weight: 51 pounds
  • Amp-Hour: 77 Ah
  • Reserve Capacity: 114 minutes

Banshee’s battery has been designed for ultimate use in marine areas. Its sealing technique, for instance, doesn’t have electrolyte leakage that could potentially occur from the terminals. It’s a reliable and safe battery classified as “Non-Spillable” by the International Air Transport Association.

Its unique design features an Absorptive Glass Mat System (AGM System). This ensures that the battery absorbs sufficient electrolytes for lasting service delivery. Besides that, the AGM system also prevents electrolyte leakages from the separator.

This battery’s innovative design allows controls gas generation and allows for the recombination of more than 90% of the gas that’s normally generated during normal use. The maintenance-free product that doesn’t need gravity checks for electrolyte levels.

Its stable quality offers high reliability since the battery can effectively withstand shock, vibration, overcharge, and over-discharge, among others.

The battery’s low-pressure venting system makes it ideal for operations between 1 psi and 6 psi. This is because it can release excess gas and then reseal itself automatically. Its heavy-duty grids made with lead calcium alloy also enhance the longevity of use of this battery.

4. Renogy 12V- 100AH Hybrid Gel Deep Cycle Battery


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Weight: 63.7 and 127.9 pounds
  • Amp Hour: 100 Ah and 200 AH

Renogy’s Hybrid Gel Deep Cycle battery takes motor trolling to a new level. It has more than 750 cycles and can be recharged by solar wind. It’s maintenance-free and doesn’t have any leakage. One notable feature about this item is that it has gel instead of liquid. This means that the battery doesn’t need maintenance to work properly.

This 12V battery is manufactured an innovative valve-regulated technology. This helps to prevent frequent acid leakages and the need for regular maintenance. To ensure that this battery serves you for an extended period, Renogy has made it with corrosion-resistant grids. They are highly durable and with a design life of more than 12 years when used with standby applications.

The versatile battery offers an excellent level of deep discharge recovery. It uses the patented gel technology, and proprietary plate composition offers excellent protection against excessive deep discharge. Apart from using it to power your marine motor, you can use this battery to run several systems, including home backup power, off-grid, van, and RV.

5. Mighty Max ML55-12-12V 55AH Battery


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Weight: 23.15 pounds
  • Amp-Hour: 35 Ah

This is a genuine batter from a brand with a name you can trust. Max ML55 effectively powers your mobile devices, and that’s why it’s highly effective for use in marine motor trolling. Its quality AGM construction offers durability since it utilizes the finest battery materials.

Regardless of your level of activity, Max offers exceptional safety. It’s made with an electrolyte that’s suspended between its fiberglass mats. This helps to protect you and motor trolling against security threats.

ML55-12-12V easily rates as the best marine battery for electric trolling that offers a combination of safety and durability. This battery starts its life in a plastic shell crafted with the finest materials. the combination of electrolyte solution and glass plates offers magic in the efficiency of this product.

The SLA/AGM spill proof battery has a high discharge rate, deep discharge recovery, and wide operating temperatures alongside a long service life. It can be recharged at any mounted position and resists vibrations and shocks.

6. Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DDT LTV and Automotive Battery


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Weight: 49.5 pounds
  • Amp-Hour: 68 Ah
  • Reserve Capacity: 135 minutes

It’s a reliable item for everyday and emergency. While this Odyssey battery has an automotive profile, it’s ideal for marine motor trolling. It has a massive starting power, amazing capability to meet your motor’s demand, and rapid recovery time.

This battery has a service life of 3-10 years, depending on the demand of users. However, it offers value for money with its endless life cycle. It can work up to 400 cycles and this makes it highly competitive among other batteries in the same category and price range. Its efficiency is enhanced because it offers great starting power, accessory power, and trolling power.

Its flexible mounting capability and non-spillable design guarantees safety. Besides that, it has a vibration-resistant feature that protects it against intense mechanical vibration and high-impact shock.

Thunder marine’s motor is known as the trolling thunder since its specifically designed for use with trolling motors. It’s one of the most batteries for an electric trolling motor that only gets better with use. Its terminals are designed with tin-plated brass that’s a great conductor and corrosion-resistant.

How to charge your marine trolling motor battery

You must unplug it from the motor and check for any damage or leaks. Clean the battery terminals if possible and then attach the charger to the battery with red matching red and black matching black. After that, you can connect the charger to the available power source and monitor the progress.

Many people usually use electricity. But one of the most efficient ways of maintaining your battery’s efficiency and effectiveness is by using solar charge. Advantages of solar charge include:

Clean Energy

Solar energy is environmentally friendly and thus important to the currently delicate ecosystem. You can spend time trolling your boat with the minimal environmental impact on the marine system.

Renewable Energy

Solar energy can’t be depleted, and if it’s summer, you are guaranteed an endless energy supply from the sun. You don’t need to worry about the electricity supply since this type of energy is free.

Charge as your Fish!

Solar charging enhances efficiency since you don’t need to rely on electric power. You can charge your battery anywhere with your motorboat if there is the sun. Batteries will recharge fully while you continue to fish, and with in-built regulators, you don’t have to worry about overcharging.

Is there a difference between Deep Cycle and Marine Battery?

A marine battery is specifically crafted for tougher or demanding boat use. Boaters normally use deep0cycle marines to start and run motors and sometimes to power the trolling motor. A deep-cycle only has the willpower to troll the motor.

Maintenance tips

You might have the best marine battery for an electric trolling motor, but poor maintenance might cost you. It’s always important to maintain your batteries, even those that are maintenance-free, by:

  • Charge your battery after every use
  • Avoid mixing batteries
  • Check the state of the battery, including damage, dirt, and corrosion
  • Always store your battery in a cool, dry, and dark place to prevent it from draining out

The bottom line

Trolling motor batteries are important in ensuring that you supply your marine boat’s motor with the electrical power they need as they slowly move across different shopping zones. A good battery that offers value for money isn’t just about age and looks. Of course, you need to complete your everyday fishing expeditions on time, and one wrong move could mean that you are left in the water. The above-reviewed batteries are the best. They are made with durable construction, offer a higher level of reliability, and with zero maintenance. Even though some are expensive, they offer value for money in the long run.


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