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What is the best outboard motor brand?

What is the best outboard motor brand?

Do you want to buy a new outboard? Without proper planning, anything can go wrong, just like with any other purchase. We can all agree that outboard motors dominate the boating industry’s market. Everyone appreciates a good horsepower that can transport them at high speeds over long distances. Let us not forget the refined finish. More people purchase outboard motors from brands, primarily for their functionality and appearance. However, with so many outboard brands to choose from, how do you know which one to go with? Many brands are offering quiet, reliable, powerful, and easy-to-service brands. Fortunately, we will discuss some of the best brands in general today, where you can find the perfect engine for your boat.


Tohatsu engines are popularly known for being the most reliable and best-performing outboard motors. Some of their current designs are the MFS75/90/115A, which are now the top-selling outboards apart from their previous versions. The Tohatsu has the 4-2-1 Performance Tuned Exhaust, which is the most advanced technology that ensures that torque is steady.


Improve Fuel Efficiency

Gas prices are getting pricier each day, which means you should save more on the cost of fuel. Even when it means you have to change your high-fuel-consuming motor to one that ensures fuel efficiency. Tohatsu’s motors efficiently use their fuel to conserve the environment and avoid wastage. The SOHC/four-valve design allows better combustion in the combustion chambers, which produces the optimal heat and improves fuel efficiency.

Improve Performance

Your boat will be more than a fishing boat or a party place. It would help if you tried out some cool speeds and powerful turns. That is why you need to get an outboard that has great performance.

The 4-2-1 Performance Tuned Exhaust and the ECU programming of the motors improve the acceleration of the outboards.

Advanced Technology

Tohatsu is one of the most advanced outboard motors. It has some digital and technical enhancements that improve its performance and make it reliable. Some of this technology includes:

· freshwater flushing system that makes routine flushing easier.

· Electronic fuel injection

· A variable system with a computer ignition system


Are you looking to upgrade your outboard motor? You can get yourself the V6 and V8 Mercury motors. These outboards are lightweight with top and cruising speeds. The Mercury comes in the following configurations:

· SeaPro commercial

· Racing

· Video

· Pro X

· Four-stroke



People looking to replace their two stoke engines can choose the Mercury versions because their boats have a weight limit. Mercury designed these motors to offer large-displacement powerheads that are lightweight. The heaviest XL version of each Mercury product weighs 458 pounds for the V6, while the V8 weighs 539 pounds.

Easy Rigging

It is not easy to rigid use some motors, creating a difficult transition. Mercury offers an instant throttle because the V6 and V8 models offer displacement and a performance-tuned dual overhead cam design. A single throttle and good performance carry a good amount of air that usually boosts torque. The Mercury products also use Transient Spark Technology to produce more holes during the hole shorts.

It Improves Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency affects the environment. You should ensure the fuel burns efficiently, or it will cause environmental pollution or health issues. How does the fuel burns also affect the speed of the motor? Therefore, it would help choose an outboard motor that uses fuel efficiently.

Mercury products improve their fuel efficiency using the Advanced Range Optimization, which automatically adjusts fuel delivery to improve cruise speed fuel.

Easy to Control

Some boats easily topple when subjected to rough water waves or making tight turns. However, the Mercury V6 and V8 models can maintain their stability using the Adaptive Speed Control that maintains the rpm regardless of tight turns, strong waves, and lower planning speeds.

Easier Maintenance

Many people rarely service their outboards because it takes a lot of effort to access the interior. If you are among those people, consider getting a Mercury V6 or V8 outboard motor because of the improved features. The Mercury brand has a top-cowl service door that lets people access the oil filter. You can conduct an oil check and oil fill without removing the entire cowl. Besides, there is a latch that you can use to carry the cowl easily.


Yamaha is one of the most reputable outboard motor brands. This brand offers the most durable and exotic motors at the highest prices. The Yamaha 425 XTO Offshore V8 is also one of the most popular products because of its massive size. This four-stroke engine matched the unbeatable Seven Marine/Volvo’s mega 557 and 627 V8 outboards that have dominated the huge boat market for a long time now. The Yamaha 425 XTO Offshore V8 is massive and measures around 30–40 feet. Even though it competes with the Seven Marine/Volvo’s mega 557 and 627 V8 outboards, it is pricier than the Yamaha by a third. But, what are the other advantages of the Yamaha?


Good Appearance

Yamaha comes with two color options: pearlescent white and dark gray. These are subtle colors, but they make the boats look stylish and polished. The 425 XTO outboard shafts also come in various sizes, like 30, 25, and 20.

Advanced Technology

Yamaha is among the top brands not afraid to try out new trends. These innovations improve the functionality of the motors. Therefore, one of its best advancements is direct injection. Older motors had intake valves or tracks to take the fuel to the chamber. But now, it is possible to inject fuel directly into the chamber with pressure as high as 2900 PSI. Direct injection increases fuel efficiency and produces maximum power for your boat.

Many outboards still use hydraulic linkages and lines to steer the motors, but the Yamaha uses an integrated steering electric system. People prefer electric steering because it responds faster to steering inputs than conventional systems.

Improved Rigging

Yamaha has a better rigging system because of the integrated electric system.

Perfect for Huge Boats

As we have mentioned before, the Yamaha 425 XTO is a great fit for large boats. This outboard has motor mounts, offshore brackets, hardened gears, and an oversized gearcase. These make the motor more robust to support the huge boat. Yamaha can also withstand the heavy loads of the PRM because of the dual-chamber oil and two-stage water pump. This huge motor contains an 89-octane gasoline tank.

Option for a Single Engine

If you have a medium or small boat, it is possible to get the Yamaha Helm Master EX. This Helm Master EX motor is for people who want single-engine applications.


Everyone trusts the Honda brand, considering the cars they have been producing over the years. Similarly, Honda is working on producing a better outboard motor product line. Unfortunately, in 2021 they did not release a new brand. But that means what is about to come is better. Through this article, we will show you how Honda is among the best brands while referencing some of their best products. Their most recent outboard motors include the BF250, BF225, and BF200. These four-stroke outboards are popular mainly because of their appearance. Let us discuss the advantages in detail.


An Aesthetically Pleasing Appearance

If you are looking for something that catches the eye, you should get a Honda outboard. Honda paid equal attention to the external appearance, unlike other brands that pay attention to the performance and forget the appearance. The BF250, BF225, and BF200 V6 outboard motors have a V shape, making them more streamlined. The V-shape will improve the speed of your boat and its appearance. The three V6 outboard motors come in multiple colors, like Grand Prix White and Aquamarine Silver, which can match your boat’s theme.

Newly Designed Interfaces

The Honda outboard motors have improved interfaces, which makes maintenance easier. People can now easily access the oil filter by opening the outer cover. So, if you have had your boat for several years, there is no need to hire a person to change your oil. You can change the oil by yourself. Oil and filter changes are easier because of:

  • A dipstick tube with a larger diameter
  • The addition of the fuel separator and water strainer
  • Honda moved the high-pressure filter away from the high-pressure pump for easier access.

Reduced Corrosion

Honda has made an effort to ensure that its outboard motors don’t rust by adding a coating to the engine surface. They chemically treat the coating, add a zinc-nickel plating, and then add a high resistant topcoat. Honda also ensures that most outboard motor engines have the coating, including the thermostat cover, oil pan, prop shaft holder, and upper mount. A corrosion-free outboard motor ensures that you have a durable gear case and engine.

Improved Performance and Fuel Efficiency

Honda manufactures outboard motors with the same high-quality technology as their automobiles. People trust their engines since the brand has more experience in manufacturing. As a result, the years of experience make their engines reliable. The cross-platform integration of their knowledge and technology improves their fuel efficiency while preserving the environment and enhancing the motors’ performance and speed.

Advanced Technology

Since Honda has been working on automobiles for years now, they use similar technology on their 3.6-liter V6 outboard motors. These innovations include the programmed fuel injection and the variable valve timing that increases fuel efficiency. The motors also have a lean burn control that complements the boosted low-speed torque (BLAST) to give people a better motor performance.


Are you stepping into marine life without knowing which outboard you should try? Then you can try out the various Suzuki outboard motor brands. Suzuki has been working to improve the power and reliability of their engines, especially for the DF140A and DF115A products. These new four-stroke machines can now compete with other brands like Yamaha and Honda because they are large and weightless. The two outboard motors have changed the game with their drive-by-wire technology. Drive-by-wire technology is not the only thing you should be happy about; these Suzuki brand motors have more advantages. Let’s take a look at them.


Simplified Rigging

Suzuki has improved its rigging system. The DF140A and DF115A offer an instant throttle response. You can also easily rig because the shifting of these outboard motors is smooth.

Easier Maintenance

Some of the old outboard motors were difficult to offer maintenance services for. However, Suzuki makes outboards with easily accessible parts that make them easier to maintain. For example, the latest DF140A and DF115A motors have made maintenance easier. People can service it by simply removing the outer engine cover and accessing the oil filter. It does not stop there. You can now reduce the amount of oil spilled during maintenance because the oil filter has an oil spill catcher to reduce the mess when changing oil. Furthermore, most people love Suzuki because it offers a water detection fuel filter that you can easily access. The water detection ensures that you avoid contaminating your engine with bad fuel.

Better Speeds and Acceleration

What is the fun of having a speed board without exploring its full potential? Suzuki products can reach their top speed and accelerate faster because they improve thermal efficiency. Suzuki upgrades the compression ratio of DF140A and DF115A to 10.6:1 to the 2-liter displacement outboards to reach their maximum potential speeds.

Better Changing Systems and Power Output

When checking for a good outboard, you should not forget the battery performance. Similarly, Suzuki keeps in mind the charging speed of the two products whose charging speeds are low. The low charging speed is great for people looking for higher boat speeds. On the other hand, the battery output has also improved with the 40-amp alternator.

Fuel Efficacy

We all want a fast, moving boat with low fuel consumption. Suzuki has not let us down with the outboards that are 5-7% more efficient in fuel consumption. The brand has made it possible by incorporating the digital EFI system.

Streamlined Exterior Design

We all understand that the streamlined shape of a boat, plane, or fish helps them move faster. Similarly, the streamlined exterior design of the outboard motor can improve the speed of your boat. The streamlined shape offers less resistance, which makes it sportier. The Suzuki DF140A and DF115A products come in 25-inch and 20-inch shaft lengths, contributing to their exterior design.

A Variety of Colors

If you spend money on a good engine, you can also ensure that you get a pleasant-looking outboard. Suzuki can offer your boat the aesthetic or theme that you need by adding new graphics that come with the DF140A and DF115A outboard motors. The two products also come in cool white color themes and the usual Suzuki Pearl Nebular Black.

Silent System

So far, the Suzuki has given us such good vibes that you can wait to purchase the product. But you will like it better when you know that the outboard motor is quieter. Suzuki redesigned the coal for it to accommodate the new air intake thing. The improved air intake structure has a better silencer or resonator system and an improved water separation compartment, which reduces the engine’s noise regardless of the speeds.

Which Is the Best Outboard Motor Brand?

Now that you have seen all the outboard motors’ features, which is your favorite brand? Which motor will you buy? The decision is all up to you. However, to give you a little boost to help you narrow down the list to one or two options, you should consider the motor with the most impressive features. Some of the top brands are Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda and Mercury.

Yamaha and Suzuki have the best warranty services. Yamaha offers a warranty for five years, but there is a catch. Customers get the first three years of the optional warranty, and after that, you will pay around $350-$425. On the other hand, Suzuki offers six years of warranty.

You should also consider the performance of the Suzuki and Yamaha, which are great. The two offer some of the top performances, but Mercury’s speed and performance are unmatched. However, Mercury’s reliability is terrible, while the Yamaha and Suzuki’s reliability will always bring you home and on time.

Mercury motors cost around $2500, which is fairly priced. The Suzuki has the lowest price, around $1800, and can be lower for some varieties. The price Suzuki is affordable considering the wide features and high-quality outboard motors. Otherwise, if money is not a problem in your case, you can get the Yamaha, which has the best features, but it is pricier. One motor can cost an average of $300. Besides, you will need two or four outboard motors for your engine.

The logical one could be the Suzuki brand because of the lower prices and the advantages of its features. In addition, when you buy, you get a quick clearance and a warranty. Compared to Yamaha, you will have to wait for a while before they finish the inspection and give you the warranty.


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